How to take care of a fighting fish (Betta fish) in an aquarium?

betta fish tank setup

The fighting fish, also called a Betta fish, has colours that don’t seem real and a beautiful veil. Aquarophiles can’t help but be amazed by it. For this hardy species to live as long as possible, it needs a comfortable, stable, and suitable environment.

Betta fish tank setup – Offer him a suitable aquarium

The fighting fish appears in Thailand’s rice fields.He is used to big places with shallow water. So, aquariums that are too big aren’t really a good idea because the animals might get tired too fast. When they are too small, which means less than 10 litres, it hurts the fish’s health and well-being.

A container between 20 and 60 litres will be enough to give a male fighter the best quality of life. If you want to keep several female fighters, the aquarium can hold between 80 and 100 litres. Strong swirls should be avoided in the filtration system because, again, the fish may be tired.

It is important to have simple filtration that doesn’t bother the animal. Also, you should think about how good the water is. In theory, fish raised on farms are already used to tap water. Just make sure the pH is between 6.5 and 7, which is neutral. The best temperature range is between 24 and 27 °C.

Above all, don’t forget that the plants and decorations have an effect on the fish’s health. Whenever you can, try to decorate with natural, soft things. Plastic plants made of man-made materials and sharp rocks should be avoided because they hurt the fins.

Choose fake plants instead of real ones, which will make the aquarium look better. Add a few places for the fighters to hide here and there. And plan for 10 hours of light per day so you don’t mess up its day/night cycle.

Betta fish tank mates – The question of cohabitation

If there is a challenging issue in the fight against fish, it is the question of how to live together. The nature of this species is to be aggressive. It is risky to let it evolve with other species because they could attack it.

For example, you should avoid fish with long fins or too many colors because your fighter would see them as competition.

Loches, Danios, Corridas, or Platis are good choices. In any case, you need to talk to a veterinarian about this to make the right choice. They know that living together is hard, even among the fighters themselves. Males can kill each other, so they can’t live together. To set up a hierarchy, there must be at least five women in the same group.

Best betta fish food – What food for fighting fish?

Fighting fish should eat a diet that is 40% protein. It likes to eat alive things, like brine shrimp or essential worms. It won’t turn down larvae that have been frozen or dried out.

If not, he should eat some boiled vegetables now and then. In general, the farmed species have been fed pellets that can be bought at pet stores or elsewhere. Then, your fish will also be able to eat it.

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