Cat Crying, Why is My Cat Crying? Should I be Worried?

why is my cat crying

Perhaps you have noticed that your cat meows in a different way, similar to a cry. But … is he crying?

In this article, We will tell you why do cats cry, for what reasons, and what to do in these cases.

Do cats cry?

Yes, cats can be emotional or sad, just like humans, although they do not cry as we do. That is, no tears come from their eyes. Instead, they cry, complaining and meowing loudly, sounding much like a newborn’s cry.

It would help if you remembered that cats do not cry for no reason, there would always be a reason, and it is your duty as the owner to find out. Don’t punish him or ignore his behavior .

It is a good idea that you know how to identify the sounds your cat makes. These can be divided into low, medium, and high-intensity sounds. For example, the meows are of low intensity, and the snorts of high intensity and everything will depend on the level of emotion that the feline wants to transmit at all times.

In addition to the intensity, you will also notice that the duration is different: if it is relaxed, the sound will be short and sharp. If, on the contrary, it is angry, it will emit the sound for a longer time.

Why do cats cry?

There are many reasons why a cat may cry, although the most common are:

  • To call his mother
  • He is hungry
  • Thirsty
  • He is cold
  • Feel lonely
  • They do not feel comfortable in a new home or are in a period of adaptation.
  • He misses his old home
  • He is afraid
  • If the cat is elderly, it will surely cry because something hurts. It is common in diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, or kidney failure.
  • She is in heat and is attracting the attention of a potential partner (this is usually done at night)
    You feel weak
  • His sandbox is dirty, and he is demanding that you change it
  • Is stressed
  • He is upset
  • Is lost or has been locked up somewhere in the house
  • Wants you to consent

My cat cries at the door

Cats tend to give us quite a few clues about what they want. If he cries near a door, it probably means that he wants to go to the other side, either to go outside if he is inside the house or to be able to enter if he has stayed outside and comes back from a walk around the neighborhood.

My cat has tears

We are sorry to tell you that if you have seen drops in your feline’s eyes, they are not tears derived from crying but may be due to an obstruction in the tear duct. If the drops are also yellowish, it could indicate a possible infection.

How to know if my cat is crying in pain or sick?

Some signs can tell us that our pet’s crying is due to pain.

Let’s see some of them:

  • If you cry when you eat: This is probably due to a problem in your mouth or throat, mainly if the crying occurs when you chew or swallow food. If the crying occurs during digestion, when you have finished eating or have been eating for a while, it is likely a digestive problem.
  • If you cry when you relieve yourself: The most common in these cases is that you suffer from a urine infection or simply some constipation.
  • If he cries when you get home: Don’t panic. In this case, he is welcoming you. We could say that “cries with joy.”

Final advice

  • If your cat is not sterilized, think about the possibility of doing it as soon as possible, since it also prevents many diseases and problems during the mature age of the cat.
  • If you have an adult cat and it complains for no apparent reason, see your vet for a complete checkup.
    Offer him a balanced diet, and you will avoid constipation, anxiety, overweight, and many other diseases.
  • If your cat suddenly changes the way he meows, whether in intensity, tone or duration, consult your veterinarian to analyze the root cause.
  • Please take a good look at her body language while she cries and tells the vet about it. It can be of great help in determining a diagnosis.
  • It is usual for puppies to cry as they adjust to their new home. Please have a little patience and help them feel comfortable and gain confidence as soon as possible.

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