Cat scratchers: Choosing best cat scratching post

cat scratching post

If you are here, likely, you have ever considered having a cat. Every day we are more people who have adopted one. However, did you know that our felines need specialized cat scratching post?

Scratchers for cats are products specially designed to satisfy the spontaneous needs of our kittens: from the care of the claws, the game to the rest and release of stress.

This article tells you everything you need to know about scratching posts for cats and the different types that exist, and which are the most suitable for your cat.

The most important

  • Scratchers for cats is a product specially designed to meet the different needs that our cats instinctively have.
  • In the world of cat scratchers, we can find a wide variety. Some of them fulfill the basic function of the scraper and perform various extra tasks that are very useful.
  • There are 3 main reasons why it is better to buy a cat scratching post than to do it yourself: the time, the materials, and the quality of the scratcher.

The best cat scratchers on the market: our recommendations

Next, we will show you the best types of cat scratchers that you can find on the market today. Each model has different benefits and features, so pay attention!

Everything You Should Know About Cat Scratchers

If you are considering the acquisition of a cat scratcher, either because you currently have a cat or are going to adopt one, you must know the most important aspects of this product.

Next, we will provide you with the most pertinent information you need to know. In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about cat scratchers among users.

What are cat scratching post, and what advantages do they have?

Scratchers for cats is a product specially designed to meet the different needs that our cats instinctively have.

These necessities include: keeping your nails strong and healthy, staying active and in good shape, releasing stress through play, hiding and seeking shelter, as well as feeding your curiosity.

Here is a summary list of the advantages and disadvantages of cat scratchers.


  • They keep their claws healthy
  • They keep them active
  • Release stress
  • It serves as a refuge or rest
  • Feed their curiosity


  • They take up space in our house
  • Doesn’t always match the environment
  • They need to change every so often

Why does my cat need a scratcher?

As we mentioned before, our cats have instinctive needs that we must know how to attend to, and the cat scratcher covers most of these.

The conditions that the simplest scratcher can meet are good claw maintenance, keeping the cat in good shape, and releasing stress through play.

Depending on the type of scratcher we buy, we will cover the more basic needs of our feline.

What types of cat scratchers are there?

In the world of cat scratchers, we can find a wide variety. Some not only fulfill the basic function of the scraper but also fulfill various extra functions that are very useful.

Among the most common types that we can find, the following scrapers stand out:

  • Tree type
  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Tower-type

What elements does a cat scratcher have?

Basic cat scratchers have a thick plastic or cardboard tube lined with sisal or jute thread attached to a hard wooden or plywood base.

This base is lined with a soft fabric, and in some cases, a rough mat is added on top to encourage our cat’s desire to scratch.

In addition, the tube usually has a ball or toy tied to a string at the top. These scratchers can have from small houses to entire gyms with different levels.

The complete scratchers have beds with different slopes, caves for hiding, and slides. In some cases, you can even find gyms for cats with a hammock.

Why is it better to buy a cat scratcher than to do it by hand?

There are 3 main reasons why it is better to buy a cat scratcher than to do it yourself: the time, the materials, and the quality of the scratcher.

First of all, it is no news that work absorbs a good part of the day. With which, investing several hours in the construction of the scratching post that our cat deserves and that on top of it doesn’t look good is not a very pleasant idea.

Second, getting the materials can bring us more of a headache. Normally we do not have them at home, and we have to go out to get them.

Third, the quality of a handmade scraper is relatively low, and its durability is as well. Therefore, we will have to invest time and money frequently in making another scraper.

What are the alternatives to the scratching post for cats?

Cat scratchers come in various and varied presentations. However, they are just different versions of the same product.

The only real alternative to cat scratchers is to let your cat scratch its claws on your home furnishings. These animals naturally need to sharpen their nails, so it’s intuitive for them.

This means that they will not stop doing it if they do not have these types of products.

Purchase criteria

When buying a cat scratcher, you must consider various factors that facilitate an informed and safe purchase. Below we have included the most important things to consider before purchasing the right cat scratching post.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design


As with most products, cat scratchers can be made of different materials. Depending on the fabric chosen, you will get various benefits or drawbacks.

  • Low-quality material: They can be useful first and get you out of a hurry since they are more accessible. However, the quality of the product and its durability are its worst drawback.
  • Quality material: Considering that our cats are going to use these products a lot, it is advisable to buy quality cat scratchers. Although they are slightly more expensive, they will last over time and avoid future expenses. This scratching post for cats is made from high-quality plywood, wood, cardboard, and in some cases, even with MDF reinforcement.

What material should I avoid?

Avoid silk, cotton, tweed, and chenille when shopping for furniture or other home items. They can easily be caught by cats’ claws. These are versatile and beautiful fabrics. However, they should be kept out of reach for your cat.

The following two types of material are best to avoid if your feline roommates are cat-friendly:

1. Sisal

Because of its strong fibers, sisal is a sisal plant, which is an agave that can be used to make everything, from clothes to carpets to toys to baskets. You should think twice about buying the sisal rug that you have been eyeing. Your cat will be thinking, “Look at what a great scratching surface my human gave me!” “

Your new carpet will be gone before you know it. This is not the cat’s fault. Cats are attracted to natural fibers.

2. Skin

Leather furniture is beautiful, durable, elegant, and soft. It also doesn’t retain pet hairs and odors. However, leather is not the best choice for sofas with cats as it is easy to be bitten by feline claws.

It can be easily scratched, and the leather is no longer the same after a pet’s claws touch the skin. According to experts in leather repair, leather furniture can be repaired, but usually, it takes eight steps. It won’t look the same after all this work.

It’s possible to have beautiful things while sharing your living space with furry friends. It is all about being responsible about what you place in your home. You can make your feline friend happy by choosing fabrics that are less likely for your cat to scratch and giving it a variety of items it can and will nail into.


The size is one of the most important factors since they have to have the right dimensions for our cats and give them security and comfort so that they turn to it whenever they need it.

The bigger our cat is, the bigger its scratching post must be since its base must be wider and heavier to properly support the cat’s weight when stretching and scratching on it.

If the scratching post does not fulfill the mentioned functions, the cat may associate it with a bad experience and stop using it.


On the market, you can find different variants of the same type of scraper. These may have slight differences that can be subtle and achieve a better reception by the feline. These differences do not normally incur an additional expense.

You have to read the product description well to know if it has these characteristics. The most common variants can be slight inclinations, curvatures, slopes, or caves to encourage certain aspects of the personality of our feline.


While the scratcher design is irrelevant to the cat, it is not to us. Therefore, a scratching post for cats with a sober design, combined with the different environments of our house, adds up and contributes a lot when deciding to buy.

Most cat owners usually leave them free around the house, and in every large room, there is some variant of cat scratchers.

For this reason, it is very important that in crowded or visiting areas, there is a scraper that combines with the furniture and decoration to maintain harmony.


Our cats have the biological need to sharpen their claws, so they will always look for a surface that allows them to perform this action.

This is why, if we own a kitten, it is imperative to have a cat scratcher at hand. There are several types of scratching posts for cats, each one more complex than the other. Each scratching post fulfills the basic function of keeping cats’ claws in good condition.

However, depending on the model or type chosen, we can better satisfy the other automatic actions of our furry friends.

Buying the right cat scratcher is of the utmost importance. This will allow us to cover all its needs: keep its claws in good condition, hide, release stress, exercise and rest in a comfortable place where it feel safe.

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