• January 28, 2023
moving with a cat

Moving is always exciting – old tents are torn down, and a new chapter in a new environment is pending. A change of territory often means stress for cats. We want to give you tips on how the move with your cat can be as harmonious and stress-free as possible.

Before moving with cat

When moving, something doesn’t just happen on the day of the move: your cat will notice that something is up long in advance. A movement with a cat needs to be planned particularly well.

It is therefore essential not to let your house tiger fall short even days or weeks in advance. Cuddles and play hours should be high on your priority list. So you can do something for the cat in advance.

When planning the new apartment, you should already think about the “cat furnishings” and organize everything as usual.

It means, for example, the positioning of food and water bowls:

If they were in the bathroom before, they should be there now. If you keep the position of such objects and combine them as usual, the first step into the new home will be much easier for the cat.

It is also essential that you get enough food and cat litter in advance for the first few days to not be neglected during the stress of moving.

Moving with a cat: the hot phase

It is clear to everyone who has ever been on a move that the final day of the activity is stressful. However, how much worse it is if you don’t know what all the boxes and strangers are doing in the apartment and creating absolute chaos?

It is how our cats feel comfortable when they witnessed the hustle and bustle of the move. Therefore, it is advisable to give the cat to people you trust on the day of the action (or a few days beforehand) where it has already been on holiday. So she doesn’t even notice the hustle and bustle and can relax while her people do the work.

If that is not possible, the velvet paw should at least get its relaxation room. Everything necessary to the cat is housed here to have everything it needs during this time.

The room should not be entered during the move to shield the cat from all the chaos. Maybe even lock the door to be on the safe side or put up a sign. Many a cat has fled in panic from the moving location through the open front door because someone opened the door and scared the cat with it.

This accommodation in one room also has the advantage that you can pack everything “cat’s” in the moving car and unpack it again at the move destination without having to rummage through many cardboard boxes first.

A significant point when moving with a cat, which should be a matter of course for loving cat owners:

The cat will, of course, travel in a safe transport box with you in the car and never in the rental truck or truck of the moving company. Your presence and voice calm the cat and make the stressful drive a bit more bearable.

Welcome to the new home

The time has come. The move with the cat is made! You all arrived safely at your new place of residence, but what now? Again, it is essential to remember that moving is a significant stress factor for cats and that every cat reacts differently to such stress. 

So you should be prepared for changes in behaviour and physical side effects. Impurity, hair loss and drooling can happen, but you shouldn’t punish the cat for it, but understand.

The general rule is that cats get used to it better if they already have old, familiar furniture. Of course, moving with entirely new furniture is nicer (for us), but it makes a massive difference whether there is new or old furniture for the cat.

Better to replace the furniture piece by piece. It also applies to cat utensils such as bowls, baskets and the like, which create a certain familiarity in the unfamiliar environment.

In the new apartment, too, the cat should first come to a quiet, empty room, in which only the cat’s stuff, including the litter box and scratching post, is.

It should stay here until the worst of the mess is tidied up, and all the furniture is in place. It doesn’t matter if it takes a few days. But don’t forget to spend time with the cat in the “moving room”.

After everything is “out there”, you can open the door, and the cat can then explore its new territory. Each cat can take a different time to get used to it. It would be best if you left the door to the escape room open.

The cat has got used to this room most of all and will feel safest there. Under no circumstances should you force the cat to do anything. Luring is, of course, allowed. Most cats benefit if they can watch where their things are being put away. In addition, you deal with your house tiger again. 

Necessary: stay confident and calm. It also has a calming effect on the cat.

One point about outdoor walkers

A significant point for outdoor enthusiasts is that the tiger should not go outside until it feels ultimately at home in the new apartment. It guarantees the new apartment becomes the centre of the new district and thus the “base” to which the cat returns after a walk is done.

That could take a month. The cat will likely report itself when it is ready to explore the new environment. Here it would be best if you increased slowly, first only short walks with you outside.

Suppose it is no longer possible to run freely in the new apartment due to the busy environment or the large street. In that case, you have to be prepared for solid protests and possibly accompanying symptoms such as aggression or uncleanliness calculation.

After all, the velvet paw does not understand why it is denied the daily exercise. In such cases, a remedy is needed:

A cat-safe balcony is ideal, on which the cat can still get fresh air and overlook the area. But first, agree with the landlord.

You can also do something in your home: as many climbing, sleeping and hiding places as possible are an effective remedy for boredom, just like more games and challenges through exercises or new activities. Many cats also like a bowl of cat grass or even a whole cat meadow (a more prominent piece of cat grass ).

Another alternative is to try to get your cat used to a leash. It would enable cats to run under supervision. Getting used to the harness and leash takes some time and patience!

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