Why and how to cut your cat claws?

How to Cut a Cats Nails Trimmers

Cats can move their claws in and out of their bodies whenever they want to. If you want to take good care of an indoor cat, you should cut its claws often.

What are cats’ claws used for?

Cats have how many claws? Cats‘ front legs have five claws, and their back legs have four. The nerves, blood vessels, and horny layers of this claw’s pulp are stacked on top of each other.

When the cat moves, its claws go back in. It only pulls them out when certain things happen. Cats use their claws to hunt, climb, jump, defend themselves, or mark their territory.

Why do you have to cut your cat’s claws?

Most of the time, a cat that goes outside will file its claws on its own. It does move on rough surfaces, and it doesn’t take much to keep its nails trimmed. Its claws must be sharp so it can climb trees, jump, and hunt on its trips.

If your cat stays mostly inside and doesn’t go outside much, you should cut its claws regularly to keep it comfortable. Claws that aren’t trimmed can get in the way of things like washing, moving, and scratching.

Also, cats have a tendency to attack whatever gets in their way. It’s important to have a regular routine for caring for their claws so they don’t climb the curtains, damage the sofa, or even tear the clothes. This will protect the interior of the house. If a cat’s claws are too long or too sharp, it could also hurt itself.

Are badly maintained claws dangerous?

Bartonellosis, also called “cat scratch disease,” can be caused by a cat’s dirty claws, which can also make the cat and its owner uncomfortable. A cat with this disease won’t show any specific signs. It’s a disease caused by bacteria that get on the cat’s claws and in its mouth when it cleans itself. The itch illness The chip makes it possible for cats to talk to each other. It gets into people when they get scratched.

Bartonellosis is a harmless disease that can only be treated with antibiotics in people. To keep this bacterium from causing problems, it’s best to keep scratching areas clean, teach your cat not to scratch, and cut its claws regularly.

How often to trim cat nails?

Once a month is a good time to cut your cat’s claws. Even if your cat is used to going outside, this care routine is good for indoor cats and older cats. It says to start cutting their claws when they are young so they get used to it.

It says to look at the cat’s claws once a week to decide if they need to be cut or not.

What tools are needed to take care of your cat’s claws?

It says that small scissors called “nail clippers” are the best way to cut a cat’s claws. You can cut the cat’s claws without breaking them with this tool.

In any case, don’t use regular scissors or nail clippers made for people.

How to cut your cat’s claws?

When he is calm and quiet, it is the best time to cut his claws. Don’t wake him up or bother him when he’s sleeping or playing.

You have to put a cat on its knees in front of you on a table or the floor and check to see if it is happy. It’s important to get the animal to trust you by acting confidently and making safe movements.

To cut your cat’s gates, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Gently take its paw and hold it;
  • Press on the pad to release the claw;
  • Remove the end of the translucent part of the claw.

Be careful not to cut the part of the claw that has a clear vein. The pink triangle is the one that can be seen through transparency. It will make you bleed, and the wound could get infected quickly.

Also, you shouldn’t force the animal to do what you want. It says to call a vet to do the ritual if he fights and won’t let go, which the masters can then do at home.

How to prevent your cat from scratching furniture?

Place a scratching post or cat tree that it will have to learn to use so it doesn’t damage furniture, curtains, or even clothes. It will eat less of the natural and more of the substitute over time.

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