20 Weird Dog Breeds in the World, Names, Faces and Images

The Papillon Spaniel

Discover the 20 weird dog breeds in the entire canine universe… That said, these four-legged companions are no less friendly and endearing!

Weird, odd-looking dog breeds are less easily found in pet stores and homes. These animals are often taken off the radar of potential masters because of their physical traits or singular behavior.

In the lists that attempt to demonstrate the most popular weird dog breeds, we often find dogs that have always been popular with the public in the first position. For example, the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd or the Golden Retriever. Find out which are the 20 weirdest dog breeds in the canine world.

The Komondor: a fantastic breed of dog… with an imposing coat!

Weird Dog Breeds

The Komondor

Measuring just over two and a half feet, the Komondor is of Hungarian origin. What makes it look bigger than it is? His coat, to say the least, was imposing. With a length exceeding 25 centimetres, its coat is the thickest of all those of other weird dog breeds.

The strange appearance of the Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Weird Dog Breeds

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Dogs look strange. In some places, their skin is bare and may recall the appearance of Siamese cats, while other parts of their body are covered with hair. But what remains most stunning – or charming, some might say – is the tuft of shaggy hair on his head.

The Dandie Dinmont Burrow

The Dandie Dinmont Burrow

The Dandie Dinmont Burrow

This strange dog of Scottish origin has a body similar to a basset hound and a head covered with abundant hair.

The Norwegian Lundehund: a strange dog with six toes

The Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund is a fantastic weird dog breed: its joints twist and turn with great ease, allowing it to squeeze through tight cracks. And what makes the Norwegian Lundehund an even stranger dog breed? His sixth toe, one more than other dogs!

The Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier

Is it a dog or a sheep? Originally from Bedlington in England, this dog has fabulous fur, similar to a sheep. His coat nevertheless makes him an ideal pet for people with allergies.

The Mi-Ki: a tiny dog with a feline temperament

The Mi-Ki Dog Breed

The Mi-Ki Dog Breed

Able to reach a maximum height of 30 centimeters, the Mi-Ki is considered one of the most miniature dog breeds. Also, his personality may be more like that of a cat.

The Bergamo Shepherd

The Bergamo Shepherd can sometimes look like it needs a good haircut, but its bushy-looking fur is characteristic of their breed. When he was little, his hair was short and soft, but age has given his fleece a rebellious appearance. He will need to make an appointment with a good hairdresser more often than not!

The Shar Pei

Originally from China, the Shar Pei is distinguished by its wrinkled skin, drooping eyes and tiny ears. Sweet, he is still one of the most muscular dogs in the canine world!

The Puli

This sausage dog comes from Hungary. The Puli was primarily a herding weird dog breed; his curly coat is so thick that it is practically waterproof.

The Borzoi: a strangely stubborn dog

Like the English Greyhound, the Borzoi is a highly agile dog breed capable of hunting small animals and prey. But given the strangely stubborn nature of this breed, it is not very popular. Therefore, it may be preferable to leave its breeding to a patient and experienced specialist.

The Bull Terrier

The egg-shaped head of this breed gives it a unique appearance. Most hockey fans might recognize him as the beloved companion of colorful sportscaster Don Cherry.

The Brussels Griffon

Photo @ akc

Curiously, this funny-looking little pooch tends to want to exercise his authority over other dogs, despite his petite size makes it as weird dog breed in the world. How can such a small and cute animal wish to dominate other canine species so much? One thing is sure, and this personality trait makes him an unpopular dog.

The Affenpinscher, rat hunter

Hailing from Germany, they first trained this curious dog to perform a unique task: chasing rats.

The American Foxhound makes appalling sounds.

Larger than the English Foxhound, the American Foxhound has a remarkable sense of smell for prey and can emit an ear-piercing howl. He is a very active dog who needs lots of exercises to be happy. He is no less amusing and loyal to his masters.

The Otterhound

Trained to hunt otters, this fast and robust dog has webbed feet. Unfortunately, this breed is threatened with extinction. According to recent reports, only 1,000 left in Britain, where he originated.

The Skye Terrier

Photo @ Wikipedia

A hunting dog, the Skye-Terrier or Isle of Skye Terrier, is so rarely bred for breeding that it is threatened with extinction. Despite his small size, he loves walks and exercise, but excessive stimulation can damage his skeleton and bones at a young age.

The Pug (or Pug)

Photo by Ashleigh Robertson on Unsplash

Curiously, the strange appearance and sad eyes of the Pug make him a touching dog. Impossible to resist the gaze of the Pug!

Peruvian Hairless Dog

In addition to the appearance and teeth of this dog, which is not entirely harmonious, the courageous owners of the Peruvian Hairless Dog must, in particular, apply sunscreen to the body of their animal, which is hairless and particularly sensitive. In the rays of the sun. Who is feeling lucky?

Chow chow

The Chow Chow’s blue and black tongue and fluffy coat are characteristics that make this dog as unique as it is adorable.

The Papillon Spaniel

The Papillon Spaniel

The Papillon Spaniel

It owes its name to its ears reminiscent of the open wings of a butterfly. This little dog of about thirty centimeters is known for its affectionate character and taste for hugs. He has a natural hunting instinct.