5 reasons why dogs lick their owners

5 reasons why dogs lick their owners

When they get home from a long day at work, many dog owners only want one thing: to be with their dog. Just seeing how they react and how happy they are to see us gives us a sense of satisfaction and well-being.

If you think that our dogs lick us out of love, you are wrong. Our dogs lick us because it’s what they do, but why?

The dogs show how they feel in a number of different ways. But no matter what kind of dog they are, they all do the same thing: they never stop licking their owners.

It’s how they show their happiness and welcome you home.

They lick your face when they touch you. But kids might also act like you to communicate with you, act out scenes from their childhood out of habit, or even deal with hard situations.

Find out why 5 possible meanings of dog licking on their master :

1. Show their affection

The most obvious reason for this behaviour, according to many dog owners, is to show affection. What master has never been happy to come home after being gone for a long time and be greeted by his dog with a warm greeting and a few licks on the face, hands, and, let’s be honest, everywhere else the dog’s tongue can reach? On the other hand, make sure this doesn’t happen all the time, because it can be a problem (especially when it comes to hygiene) for you and anyone your dog meets.

2. Communicate

People can talk with their bodies, like when a dog wags its tail or barks. He is trying to say something with these movements.

When your dog licks, he may be trying to tell you that he needs to eat. In fact, the puppy often licks his mother to show that he is hungry and wants food. So, as an adult, he copies it by mimicking it, thinking that you will think he is his real mother.

3. Get your attention

Dogs want to be loved, but they also want to love people. They want your attention very much and will do anything to get it. Lick you, jump on you…All of these things are meant to get your attention.

Your role and responsibility should not be undervalued in this kind of situation. By how you react to being licked, you will be the one who makes this practise more likely.

If you do the same thing every time your dog licks you, whether it’s to pet him or tell him off, your dog gets what he wants: a response from you. This is exactly what he wants, and by giving it to him, you make him happy.

4. A gesture to soothe a stressful situation

Licking can also be a way for dogs to try to calm themselves down when they are feeling stressed. The dog does it by imitating what he did as a child.

When he was a puppy, his mother would lick him and his siblings to stop a fight or calm a kitten who was worried about something. So, it’s possible that your dog will lick you when you’re yelling at him or when he gets in the middle of a fight between you and a family member.

It is also a ritual of peacemaking that you can do with an aggressive relative to make the conflict less intense.

5. Develop their senses

Dogs are born to be hunters. They have unusual senses that help them explore places and find things. Their language can also be used to find out more about them.

So he can just lick you because he likes how your skin tastes. Sweat can satisfy his taste buds just as well as lotion or scented water that is still wet after you get out of the shower.

When they get out of the shower, many dog owners are surprised when their dog runs to lick their legs. The secret is now out in the open.

Also, watch out for dogs that lick themselves too much. This is a behaviour problem that needs to be fixed right away because it can be a sign of pain like anxiety, boredom, or even a neurological disorder.

So, this obsessive-compulsive disorder can happen to the dog, who will lick as a way to pass the time or deal with his constant stress. Only if your dog keeps licking you over and over again, should you be worried.

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