Can dogs eat pickles? Can dogs have pickles?

Can dogs eat pickles

Gherkins are crunchy pickles, low in fat, and peculiar flavor. Although they are carnivores, dogs can digest other foods without a problem. There are many vegetables and fruits suitable for dogs, and they can even take advantage of the benefits and nutrients of many of them. Do you want to know if can dogs eat pickles? Keep reading ;).

What are pickles?

Pickles are different vegetables preserved in a liquid called brine. This brine is very salty water with vinegar and spices. Therefore, this liquid where the pickles are preserved is very high in sodium.

Different spices, herbs, and condiments are also added to the preparation to enhance the flavor.

Can dogs eat pickles?

Although many of us love this type of food, the truth is that they are not recommended for our dogs.

The high salt content gives it a lot of flavors, but it can cause digestive problems in our dogs and, above all, a lot of thirsts. To this is added that some spices may not be suitable for them.

Why can’t dogs eat pickles?

In addition to the high salt content, the brine can contain other condiments such as garlic, onion, sugar, and other spices. Some of these ingredients can be toxic to them.

Of course, nothing happens if our dog eats a piece of pickle or a whole one sporadically. The problem appears if you ingest it daily or a large amount at once.

The problem itself is not the pickle but the liquid that gives it that characteristic flavor. The consumption of pickles can cause:

  • Polydipsia polyuria: salt will cause thirst. The dog may compulsively drink water. Urine output will also be higher.
  • Digestive problems: vinegar, excess salt, and spices can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Increased blood pressure: excess salt can cause hypertension, just as it happens in people.
  • Kidney damage: increased blood pressure and excess sodium can damage the kidney.
  • Anemia: In eating pickles prepared with onions, hemolytic anemia may appear.

Can dogs eat pickles or raw cucumbers?

  • If we eliminate the brine and offer raw vegetables, the dog will be able to benefit from its multiple properties:
  • Rich in vitamins (A, E, and C).
  • Very moisturizing (high in water).
  • Minerals (manganese, magnesium, phosphorus).
  • Low in fat: ideal for dogs that are on light food.
  • Veterinary Recommendation

Although cucumber has many benefits, choosing this food raw and avoiding pickles is better. If we want to offer a piece sporadically, we can opt for those that do not contain onion, garlic, and sugar (or other sweeteners).

We must not forget that fruits and vegetables should not exceed 10-15% of the daily food ration. Your favorite Barkyn feed already includes the correct ratio of nutrients.