Can dogs eat pistachios?

can dogs eat pistchios

Nuts, due to their properties, have become trendy snacks.¬†Pistachios are one of the most famous and popular nuts of recent times. Their characteristic and pleasant flavor have made these fruits familiar in many people’s pantries. We know that dogs can’t eat a lot of nuts, but do you know if dogs can eat pistachios? We’ll tell you then.

Pistachios, the green dried fruit

Pistachios originate from the Middle East, from Turkey or Iran, one of the leading producers worldwide. However, its cultivation has spread to many parts of the world, such as the United States, or Spain, being cultivated notably in Castilla La Mancha, being leaders in production at the European Union level.

The pistachio plant is tree-like, quickly reaching over 5 meters in height. They are more typical of dry climates since the tree’s roots can rot due to excess moisture.

The tree’s fruit is the edible part that is appropriately called pistachios. It is covered by a hard whitish shell, which houses the fruit.

Pistachio nutritional properties

Pistachios are a high-energy food. Like all nuts, it is very caloric, and they have a lot of fat. However, these fats are called “good fats,” or unsaturated.

They are also rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, and iron. As for vitamins, they constitute an essential contribution of thiamin, vitamin E, which helps protect cells from oxidative damage.

Can dogs eat pistachios?

As many of our readers know, nuts can be toxic to dogs. However, within nuts, there is a great variety, and you can eat some of them, such as cashews or pistachios in this case.

Pistachios are nuts that do not pose risks to the animal, at least at the toxicological level. Of course, you must permanently remove the shells to prevent them from suffering injuries to the teeth or choking.

However, they are not toxic does not mean that they should be eaten as if nothing had happened. All the foods we offer must make our dog under veterinary supervision and recommendation.

Pistachios are a very caloric food, so they should not be administered to animals that consume light feed and are on a weight loss regimen.

If we want to offer pistachios to our dog, we must do it in an adequate proportion. For example, we can offer 1 or 2 pistachios a day as a snack for a medium-sized dog.

We can also offer it crushed and mixed with its usual feed to add flavor, fatty acids, and minerals.

We hope that this article about whether dogs can eat pistachios has been interesting for you.