Can Dogs Have Blueberries? Are Blueberries Safe for Dogs?

Can Dogs Have Blueberries

Blueberries are delicious fruits that provide many nutrients, both in people and in dogs.

There are many fruits on the market, some types of the season and others more timeless. Although luckily, due to technological advances in crops, we can get almost any fruit at any time of the year. In this article, we will tell you if dogs can eat blueberries.

What are blueberries?

Blueberries are the fruits of a shrubby plant of the genus Vaccinium. The fruits are white berries, which turn bluish when they begin to ripen. It is a species native to the United States. However, given its appreciated flavor and numerous properties, it has spread throughout much of the world.

Currently, you can find it both in the wild and in crops. The properties are similar, but the cultivated berries have a more robust flavor.

Can dogs eat blueberries?

Effectively. This is one of the many suitable fruits for our furry ones. Moreover, many food complexes, such as supplements or feed, are supplemented with this type of fruit.

Although it is true that due to its intensely sweet taste, we cannot offer this fruit too much to our dogs

How many blueberries can a dog eat?

Blueberries can be offered mixed with the feed, including the feed grains, always in moderate quantity. For example, for a medium-sized dog of about 15 kilos, we can give him 5 or 10 blueberry berries.

Similarly, we can offer blueberries as a healthy snack whenever we want to reward the dog.

We can also make the following to reward our dog:

  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Blueberry Ice Cream (Especially Refreshing In Summer)
  • Blueberry Yogurt
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Blueberry Pear Smoothie

What happens if my dog eats blueberries?

Blueberry: rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. Help prevent cardiovascular diseases in your dog.

Pear: Rich in fiber and potassium. Due to their low caloric intake, they are a good option for dogs with diabetes.

What do blueberries bring GOOD to dogs?

All fruits are good, but each has its particular contribution to nutrients. In the case of blueberries, its strength is its content of vitamins C and K, higher than many other fruits.

But not only do they have vitamins, but they are also rich in calcium and manganese and contain antioxidant and anti-cancer substances.

As you can see, blueberries are excellent fruits that our dogs can enjoy. However, we must not forget that quality feed should be the main component of their diet. The rest of the elements we want to add will be around 5 or 10% of their daily food ration.