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Bunny Ears and Doggy Kisses: Celebrating Easter with Your Beloved Pets

Celebrating Easter with Your Beloved Pets

Spring and Easter are here! The Gregorian calendar moves this popular holiday to March or April each year. 80% of US adults celebrate Easter. Most Americans celebrate Easter, so you’ll see the Easter Bunny, egg hunts, and other traditions.

There are ways to include your dog or cat in Easter festivities. Easter ideas for pets are below!

Lets start easter egg hunt

Egg hunts are the typical Easter activity. Easter egg hunts are fun for dogs too.

easter egg hunt with pets

Smelly treats in plastic eggs make pet-friendly egg hunts. Choose eggs with holes to let the scent out and large enough not to be swallowed. Hide eggs indoors or outdoors for your pet to find. To avoid choking and other risks, supervise the hunt.

Hide the treats as-is if your dog chews the plastic eggs. Cats may prefer this.

Create an easter basket for your pets

Easter baskets were filled with forbidden foods during Lent and blessed at church before being eaten to break the fast. Children leave baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill at night. Today, Easter baskets can be filled with almost anything and given to family and friends.


Easter baskets for pets are fun and easy to make. Fill a basket with themed toys and treats like this carrot plushie and bunny catnip toy. Avoid plastic Easter grass, which can harm dogs and cats, and use edible pet grass instead.

Easter photoshoot for your pets

Why not do an Easter photoshoot if your pet loves posing? It’s a “great” way to make memories and start a fun tradition!

Does a cat or dog dislike costumes? OK. Bunny ears, collars, and bandanas are cute too. Then, pose your pet next to an Easter basket or a bunch of carrots for “perfect” photos to show off to your friends.

Easter brunch

Easter brunch is fun for cats and dogs. Cook your pet an Easter meal! We’re sure your pet will enjoy the Easter feast, whether it’s As The Bunny Hops and Blue Cross pet-friendly pancakes or these “poptastic” and “monastic” smoothie recipes!

Instead, take your dog to a pet-friendly brunch. Some places offer Easter brunch for humans and dogs. Visit local restaurants with Fido.

Participate in Easter festivities

Extroverted dogs may enjoy Easter parades. The Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival in New York City and the Easter Promenade in St. Augustine are “wonderful” pet-friendly events where you and your dog can dress up in your most outrageous costumes.

If your dog doesn’t like dressing up, don’t force them. Even if the weather is nice, bring a water bottle and review their training to ensure they behave well at the event.

Enjoy watching Easter Movies

Couch “potatoes” and introverted kitties love watching movies. Easter, like other holidays, has many movies. Choose from kid-friendly movies to biblical films to watch with your pet.

Easter treats

Holidays are great for kitchen creativity. Include your pet in your Easter baking plans.

Cut your favorite recipe into bunnies and eggs for Easter. How about dog Peeps? Let your child “help” you make them.

Easter egg roll

Easter egg rolling involves rolling eggs down hills or across lawns. The White House Easter Egg Roll on Easter Monday on the South Lawn is the most famous egg rolling event in the US.

easter basket for your pets

Home Easter egg rolls for dogs and cats are simple. A bouncy egg-shaped toy or treat dispenser will make your fur kiddo crazy! More fun with your pet’s friends! Make sure everyone has toys.

Pet-friendly botanical gardens

Visit a pet-friendly botanical garden over Easter weekend to enjoy spring with your dog.

The Iowa Arboretum, Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, South Carolina Botanical Garden, Zilker Botanical Garden, and Oregon Garden are the few US public gardens allowing dogs. To ensure a tail-wagging good time, keep your pet on a leash and follow the rules.

Easter Mass online.

Easter Sunday Mass is mandatory for Christians. Easter Mass can be watched at home with your pet. The Vatican, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart live-streamed Easter Sunday services last year.

Many churches will again hold Easter services online. Check your church website or social media for live stream schedules and links.