Diet for pets – fitness tips against winter fat

winter fat in pets
winter fat in pets

After the winter, pets are often on a diet. Light food, agility and obedience ─ Here we shows the formula for an active springtime for your four-legged friend, with which your darling can soon start again slim and slim.

Pet diet – get rid of winter fat

In winter time, dogs, cats & Co. often look too deep into their bowls. For example, they are pampered with additional food at Christmas time and often suffer from a lack of exercise due to the weather conditions. The consequence is additional winter fat, which is a health hazard – then a diet for pets is the order of the day. Whether reduced-fat food or new trend sports such as degility and Co. – we give you seven tips on how you can get your protégés fit for spring.

Tips for a healthy start to spring

1. Never overfeed

Many dogs and cats eat as much as they can get. In most cases, they cannot regulate their eating behavior themselves and only eat when they are offered something. This could give the owner the wrong impression that the animal is hungry. This can quickly lead to overfeeding and damage to health. The owner should therefore pay attention to the corresponding recommended daily amount of food or, if overweight, the correct diet ration for his protege.

2. Balanced diet

for example through light products : These effectively support weight loss and are also tasty. The reduced fat content and the elimination of unnecessary additives contribute to the weight reduction of the animal. The right amount of vitamins and nutrients also provides the pet with all the important ingredients it needs for health. Treats should be avoided if possible.

3. Fresh air regularly

and exercise to promote health. Since an animal does not lose weight on its own, the owner should make sure that his pet gets enough exercise. Dogs should be taken for long walks several times a day . Swimming is also suitable for water rats, which is particularly gentle on the joints. Cats can be motivated to exercise more through play.

4. Get up to speed in a playful way

Agility is one of the most popular dog sports, but it is also recommended for cats. This playfully promotes health and fitness. The four-legged friends overcome different courses made up of various obstacles (e.g. tunnel, slalom, hurdle, tire). In this way speed, skill and communication are trained.

5. Try something new

The trend sport degility represents a further development or combination of the sports agility and mobility. The focus here is on coordination, a sense of balance, increased self-confidence, concentration work and muscle building without pressure to perform. The four-legged friend completes a course that is tailored to his needs and not only promotes motor skills, but also the bond with the owner and concentration.

6. Interaction between humans and dogs

Obedience particularly relies on the ability to work in a team between humans and dogs. The focus here is on the exact, fast and harmonious execution of the basic exercises such as “foot”, “sit” or “down”, but also search and retrieval training. Obedience and social behavior are encouraged.

7. Eliminate diseases

If the pounds do not drop with sufficient exercise and healthy food, a visit to the vet is advisable. The causes of animal obesity can also be diseases – for example diabetes or a metabolic disorder.

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