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American Foxhound in breed portrait

American Foxhound dog breed
American Foxhound dog breed

Racial characteristics and appearance

What does an American Foxhound look like?

The American Foxhound is an elegant, medium-sized hunting dog with a long, high-carried tail. This beautiful dog in the southern states of the USA. It is a popular bloodhound.

At first glance, an American Foxhound is reminiscent of a slender Beagle on high legs. You’re right, because like the beagle, the foxhound is a pack and running dog for parforce hunting and as the name suggests, especially hunting foxes.

He does that by barking loudly, called “peal” by the Foxhound friends. But if you take a closer look you can see clear differences.

The Foxhound has an elongated snout, is much taller and much slimmer than the Beagle. A weight is not specified. He wears thick, harsh hunting dog hair of medium length . All colors are allowed.

The long ears are set low and drooping. The American Foxhound has large, gentle eyes with a friendly, mild charisma. They are always brown or hazel brown.

How tall is an American Foxhound?

The height of a male dog should not be less than 56 cm and not more than 63.5 cm ; in the bitch not less than 53 cm and not more than 61 cm .

How old does an American Foxhound get?

The American Kennel Club puts the life expectancy of an American Foxhound at 11 to 13 years .

American Foxhound Character traits and characteristics

The American Foxhound is a thoroughbred hunting dog with no ifs or buts. He is considered stubborn and stubborn. That is hardly surprising. For centuries this quality has been one of his trump cards at work.

A good foxhound should follow the fox’s trail with a good dose of stubbornness and perseverance. However, you shouldn’t confuse stubbornness with a lack of learning ability. The American Foxhound is very adaptive and willing.

For this he needs a clear message and a sensitive but consistent hand from master and mistress. You should always be aware that he is a hunting and pack dog from home that wants to hunt.

In connection with species-appropriate utilization, upbringing is not a problem. However, a frustrated, lonely American Foxhound who is bored can become a problem. In extreme cases, out of frustration and boredom, he can take apart an apartment.

American Foxhound Daily Activities

American Foxhound dog breed image
American Foxhound dog breed – Hunting Dog

If it is not kept for hunting, it needs daily activities, for example, go extensively through nature with their owners.

This, however, promises wonderful experiences that are good for body and soul. With this dog you develop a new connection to nature.

Together with his friendly nature, his high stress tolerance and largely lack of aggressiveness, he reliably ensures deceleration in the often hectic life of our time.

When walking, however, you should keep in mind that the American Foxhound is a hunting dog. If his fine nose picks up the trail of a hare or fox, he suddenly becomes restless.

Fast retrieval is the order of the day, otherwise the dog will say goodbye for the next few hours.

American Foxhound Origin & history

Where did the American Foxhound originally come from?

The American Foxhound is a direct descendant of one of the oldest dog breeds , the sweathounds . Sweat means in the hunter’s language, the blood or the trail of the prey.

The American Foxhound is a classic hunting dog. It was created out of French and British bloodhounds about 250 years ago in the southern United States developed.

George Washington was not his first breeder, but the first President of the USA was instrumental in breeding and establishing this new breed.

He is now the state dog of the state of Virginia. The American is a bit lighter and faster than its English counterpart.

He belongs to the basic type of bracken or bloodhound. These in turn are among the archetypal types of dogs. They are already depicted in the Stone Age cave paintings.

The oldest writings on dogs, such as the 2,400-year-old Kynegetikos of Xenophon, describe hunting with dogs like the foxhound.

The personal physician of the Queen of England, John Caius, describes these dogs in 1576 in a separate chapter of his book “Of English Dogges”. The Cambridge Professor summarizes these dogs under the term Harrier.

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American Foxhound Specialties

The way they work and their appearance are a perfect match for the Foxhound and its direct relatives. The Harrier was later hunted, the Foxhound specializes in fox hunting.

These noble hunting dogs of the nobility have been purposefully and with great effort bred in princely dog ​​breeding establishments for hundreds of years.

However, as in modern breed breeding, emphasis was not placed on genetic isolation, but rather on optimal function. “Hound” means fast hunting dogs and greyhounds in English.

The foxhound is a quick hunter. His specialty is hunting in the pack, an ancient hunting method. The foxhound was mentioned by name as early as the late Middle Ages. In 1790, the British naturalist Thomas Bewick describes how this type of dog works:

Although he is usually inferior to the rabbit in speed, he follows him with his excellent sense of smell and follows his tracks with great accuracy and perseverance despite all the turns.

This characterization is still very helpful today in understanding the foxhound. For 200 years the par force hunt with such pack dogs has been practiced primarily as an equestrian sport for the nobility and later for rich industrialists.

The American Foxhound is officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the world organization of cynology, but is only bred very rarely in Europe.

Popular mixes

Mixes with American Foxhounds are extremely rare in Germany.

Care, Health and Diseases

How Much Care Does an American Foxhound Need?

The American Foxhound is very easy to care for. His health is considered robust.

What food is best for an American Foxhound?

Another health challenge lies in the gluttony of Foxhounds. Possibly this is also a legacy as a pack dog. Otherwise he does not have any special demands on his diet.

The American Foxhound is suitable for barfing . Of course, you have to pay attention to your figure and, if necessary, prefer to use diet food.


The American Foxhound is a hunting dog. Accordingly, he needs many species-appropriate challenges in nature.

Considerations before you buy

Where can you buy an American Foxhound?

Are you interested in the purchase of an American Foxhound, you should have the appropriate conditions to bring described here for his attitude. You also have to look around in good time for breeders, who are very rare in Europe.

Upbringing and attitude

Is an American Foxhound right for me?

The American Foxhound is a typical pack dog . That makes him very sociable. However, he feels most comfortable in the pack with his own kind. And if you can watch him hunt, you know what passion he is about this work.

The American Foxhound is independent, highly social towards other dogs, and goal-oriented . As a family dog, it is only suitable to a limited extent and it is also not a dog for beginners.

The attitude as a companion or as a family dog ​​is not really to his taste, report experts. It should remain the exception. Otherwise he is easy to educate and lead – as I said – on the condition that he is well utilized.

Interesting, worth knowing & extras

The American Foxhound is a pack and sweat dog from the southern United States that wants to be kept for hunting. It is extremely rare in Europe.

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