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Lowchen in the Dog Breed Portrait, Lowchen is an ideal family dog!

Lowchen dog breed
Lowchen dog breed

Lowchen Origin and breed history

The Lowchen comes from an ancient family of lap and companion dogs grouped under the name of Bichons. It comes from France and Belgium. In French it is called “Bichon petit chien-lion” or “Petit Chien Lion”.

You can trace the roots of the bichons back to ancient times. In the port cities of the Mediterranean, bichons were the valued companions of the ladies from better homes. They were also considered valuable gifts.

Aristotle already described a “Melitean dog that was noticeably small” 2,400 years ago. Numerous other writings, works of art such as a vase painting from 100 BC or stone sculptures prove these small dogs‘ existence and high esteem since time immemorial.

People needed a dog as a companion, as a partner of the psyche very early on and in the most varied cultures.

The Lowchen is closely related to the Maltese, Havanese, and Bolognese. In one of the oldest books about dogs, Conrad Gesner, in 1550, these dogs are clearly described – not to be confused with a miniature poodle, for example.

An illustration for this, made in 1669, shows a little lion in his shear, which is still typical today. As the lapdogs of the wealthy ladies, the bichons came around the world. Bichons like the Lowchen are living proof that one can also breed companion dogs healthily for centuries.

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In today’s hectic times, in particular, dogs like little Lowchen are an excellent choice because you are confident of one thing: pleasant and intelligent family dogs who also feel comfortable in the apartment in a big city.

Some dog lovers like to smile at lapdogs like the bichons and sometimes even see them as a “wrong development” of our society today. But far from it. They have an essential function and are of great use because such dogs are good for our psyche.

In 1961, this historic breed was officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. In Germany, 100 to 150 puppies fall under the umbrella of the VDH every year.

About Lowchen dog

The Lowchen is a relatively small dog with a long, silky coat. The breed has a square building that is quite sturdy. The height at the withers is between 20 and 35 cm.

That is quite a wide range. So only about 6 kg can be given as a guide. The standard stipulates: “Silky, long, wavy, dense; without undercoat.” All colors are allowed, expressly also combined colors.

The tail is carried over the back. The dog makes a happy, bright impression, and that’s how it is. The standard also writes about appearance:

“He’s a little dog. Intelligent, full of vigor and with lively expression, he appears very bright; overall robust with the good bone structure, a short and well-proportioned body, with a greyhound-like silhouette and high head.”

“The proud and brisk walk, his fluttering mane, is emphasized by the lion-like shearing; the parts not shaved must remain completely natural, in no case should they be cut.”

Lowchen Character and essence

The Lowchen is a learned companion of humans. Unlike the tiny terriers, for example, who have only recently been retrained from working dogs to be companions, the little lion has been familiar with the duties of a companion and companion dog for thousands of years. The standard characterizes its essence as:

Very cuddly and obedient to his master, but attentive and receptive, easy-going in all situations, he can remain calm and discreet as needed. His honest and tender look tries to understand everything that is expected of him.”

But the little dog has its own will. Nevertheless, he hardly shows any rough edges that could stand in the way of his passion for bringing joy to his family. He wants to live for and with his people.

The cute dog is a clever, curious, and intelligent guy. He always provides surprises and makes us smile. Nor should one underestimate the skill of these dogs.

Many reports say that you can teach the Lowchen little tricks. Still, It’s not overactive or even nervous. Lowchen is cheerful. You are always happy to play a game. It makes them ideal companions that give us a lot of pleasure.

Lowchen Attitude

The Lowchen can be kept very well in the city and an apartment. It feels comfortable even in a small apartment on the upper floor. Of course,

it takes daily rounds in nature to be satisfied. Only then can it fully develop its balanced, friendly personality. Otherwise, the little dog is very undemanding. He needs his caregivers and a little varied occupation. Only its fur needs regular care so that it does not get knotted.

You can use it well to strengthen the bond between him and her master or mistress. It should be used to regular grooming as a puppy.

The Lowchen is an ideal family dog. You can keep it very well in an apartment. In addition, it gets along well with children and is a good play partner. As always, this assumes that the children do not treat it as a toy.

The little four-legged friend is a perfect companion who can also cope with the sometimes hectic city life. You can keep it in a big city without any problems, whether single or in a family, whether young or old.

It is also well suited for the beginner. The dog breed does not need daily work or intense occupation like agility to be comfortable with humans. The Lowchen is agile and wide awake. Still, he’s not a barker.

Lowchen Education

The little dog is straightforward to train. But It too needs to be educated. Its cute, funny, friendly manner makes it easy to overlook that it requires consistent guidance and upbringing.

And he gladly accepts this responsibility through his master and mistress. Its excellent suitability as a companion should not be confused because the Lowchen was less educated would need. On the contrary, his high level of intelligence and obedience virtually demand consistent guidance from his people.

As with other dogs, it should start as a puppy. We find that problematic with times. But not because he couldn’t or didn’t want to learn. Instead, we humans like to be enchanted by this little fellow as a “cute ball of wool” and then pamper him. Otherwise, it is easy to educate, even from a beginner.

Lowchen Care and health

The Lowchen doesn’t shed hair. However, it would be best if you combed it two to three times a week. It is also essential to shear your eyes and buttocks free and to regularly remove hair on your feet or in your ears.

Diseases typical of the breed

Lowchen is a healthy breed of dog. Excessive fur can irritate the eyes and irritate. In addition, the tear ducts are sometimes damaged so that fluid constantly flows out of sight.

It sticks together this area and cannot be overlooked as a reddish color on light fur. You should pay attention to this before buying (parent animals). However, the main problem for the health of the Lowchen is the many dubious suppliers of puppies on the Internet.

Lowchen Nutrition

The Lowchen is very frugal and has no particular demands on its diet.

Lowchen Life expectancy

A thoughtfully bred Lowchen has an average life expectancy of 15 years.

Buy Lowchen Dog Cost (Price)

When buying, you should make sure that you only buy the dog on-site from a breeder affiliated with the VDH. Serious breeders document their litter in detail, for example, with photos.

They will also be happy to answer your questions. In the case of small dogs like the Lowchen, however, there are, unfortunately, many providers from backyard breeding or puppy mills who want to earn a few quick dollars with puppy trading over the Internet. For a well-bred Lowchen puppy, you have to calculate 1000 dollars.

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