Driving with a Dog – The Right Equipment in the Car

Driving with a Dog Tips

We dog owners enjoy going for walks with our canine companions. As a result, we’re doing  everything we can to help them along. What if you’re not sure how to drive with your dog?

Driving with a dog can be tricky, so here are some tips: If you’d like, we can go over the various possibilities with you. We’ll take a look at a few useful tools: Seat belts, boxes, and other safety measures are needed to keep your dog  safe while travelling in a car.

Because, according to the StVO, you must secure the dog in the car, there is a wide range of dog transportation accessories available on the market. Everyone can find something they like here!

Dog seat belts

If your dog is able to ride in the back seat without a transport box, you should secure him with a seat belt while driving. Special devices for this purpose can be purchased from specialised retailers.

The seat belt is a simple, short guide. These have a carabiner attached to the dog’s harness on the other side. In contrast, there’s a buckle on the other end that connects directly to the seat belt buckle.

Nylon is the most common material for the belt, and it can be adjusted in length to fit any dog. However, if the dog steps on the belt buckle while driving, it runs the risk of the dog unbuckling itself.

This is the reason why other designs prevent unbuckling by accident. In some cases, manufacturers have developed systems that can’t be accidentally removed, like child seats.

Special safety harnesses are available in addition to standard seat belts. In order to provide the best possible protection, these are also made of nylon and feature an even thicker padding in the chest area up front.

Boxes, grids, and nets for driving with a dog

Use a dog gate or net to keep your pet separate from the passenger compartment if it is in the trunk. In the event of an accident, it is designed to keep your dog from getting into the back or front seats while you are driving. The dimensions and mounting options for grids and nets differ.

Car protection net

Between the front and rear seats is a net. And the trunk serves as a barrier to the backseat. With the headlining and chairs above and below the traps, the traps can be activated at any time.

Nets come in a variety of sizes and mesh configurations. When securing the net, make sure you pull it taut.  Otherwise, putting it together or taking it apart is a breeze.

Car protective grille

Automobile safety grilles come in a wide variety of designs. Even if you don’t have any tools, you can assemble many of them. A ceiling and floor anchoring option is available.

In contrast, between the headrests and the headliner, you’ll commonly find smaller grilles. The height and width of  many car guards must be adjusted to fit the vehicle. Other grids, on the other hand, are completely immutable.

Before you take your dog for a drive, make sure to measure your vehicle to see whether these will fit as well.

Use transport boxes when driving with a dog.

Before you buy a transport box, make sure you measure your vehicle thoroughly. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand, sit, and lie down comfortably while confined there. You can also order items that are made specifically for you.

While driving with a dog, you should take care of this setup.

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