Driving with a Dog – The Right Equipment in the Car

Driving with a Dog Tips
Driving with a Dog Tips

We dog owners like to be out and about with our fur noses. That’s why we like to take them with us wherever we can. Are you unsure how best to driving with a dog?

Here are the driving with a dog tips: We can give you an overview of what your options are. We are looking at a few useful aids: boarding aids to secure your dog, seat belts, boxes and protective devices to protect the car itself.

The market for car accessories for the safe transport of the dog is wide-ranging, because according to the StVO, the dog must be secured in the car. There is something for everyone!

Dog seat belts

While driving with a dog, If your dog is allowed to ride in the back seat without a transport box, you should definitely buckle him up . Special devices are available for this in specialist shops .

There are simple short guides as a seat belt. These have a carabiner on one side, which is attached to the dog’s harness. On the other side is a buckle that clicks directly into the seat belt buckle.

The belt itself is usually made of nylon material and adjustable in length, so it can be adapted to the dog’s size. With this variant, however, there is a risk that the dog will unbuckle itself while driving because it accidentally steps on the belt buckle.

This is why there are other variants that prevent accidental unbuckling . Some manufacturers offer systems that work exactly like attaching a child seat and cannot be accidentally detached.

In addition to the pure belts, there are also special safety harnesses. These are also made of nylon material and are even more padded at the front in the chest area to offer maximum protection.

Boxes, grids and nets for driving with a dog

If your dog is in the trunk, you can separate it from the seating area with the help of a dog gate or net . It is intended to ensure that your dog cannot climb onto the back or front seats while driving and is secured in the event of an accident. Grids and nets have different dimensions and mounting options.

Car protection net

A net can be attached between the front and rear seats as well as in the trunk as a border to the rear seat. The nets are attached to the headliner above and to the seats or in the trunk below.

The nets are available in different sizes and mesh sizes. It is important to tension the net tightly when fastening. Otherwise it is easy and quick to assemble or dismantle.

Car protective grille

There are many different models of the car safety grille to buy. Many of them can even be assembled without tools. That means you can clamp them in the headliner and on the floor. Smaller grilles, on the other hand, are often attached between the headrests and the headliner.

Many car guards have to be adapted in height and width to the car. Other grids, however, are completely rigid. With these you should therefore measure exactly before driving with your dog, whether they also fit in your car.

Use transport boxes when driving with a dog

The same applies to transport boxes : first measure your car carefully before you buy a model. Make sure that your dog can stand, sit and lie comfortably in the crate . There are also custom-made items that can then be designed according to your wishes.

You must take care of these setup while driving with a dog always.

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