How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water

Can dogs live without water? A dog can go without drinking water for just 24 hours. After that period, he will become dehydrated without fluids, and if he continues without eating or drinking, the consequences could be fatal. Here you can read an article about how much water a dog needs to drink per day?

The non-intake of liquids can lead to severe problems in pets. For example, liver failure, since the liver is very delicate and is one of the first organs to feel the consequences of not drinking liquids.

Along with the liver, the kidneys are also key to fluid intake. Kidney problems vary and can include kidney stones, kidney failure, urinary tract problems… kidney-type conditions, once discovered, requiring meticulous lifelong treatment. 

If your dog does not drink water, it can be due to multiple causes, most of which are easily detectable. The dog may have a gastrointestinal problem that, as in humans, causes dehydration; therefore, you should offer your pet water in small doses in case of diarrhea and vomiting. Diabetes also causes dehydration, as do otitis and conjunctivitis. 

How much water does my dog need to drink per day?

Are you one who leaves water freely available to your dog to drink when he needs it? But do you know how much water a dog should drink? Controlling your water intake can improve your health, prevent disease, and have many more benefits.

While some dogs do this independently, others drink too little or too much.

Insufficient water can lead to dehydration in dogs, kidney stones, organ failure, and even much more severe problems.

Drinking too much water can lead to bloating, electrolyte imbalances, and hyponatremia (causing low blood sodium).

Also, keep in mind that if your dog is drinking too little or too much, this could be a symptom of illness. Light drinking can indicate parvovirus, leptospirosis, or pancreatitis.

Heavy drinking can mean a bladder infection, another type, or diabetes. Take him to the vet if your dog is doing either of these things to have a correct diagnosis that it may be happening to your best friend.

How much water should a dog drink a day?

The amount of water your pet needs to drink daily depends on several factors, such as:

Size: There is no standard rule, but as a general rule, a healthy dog should drink approximately 30 to 100 ml of water per kilo of body weight per day. Thus, a dog of 10 kilos should approximately drink between half and a liter of water a day.

Food: A healthy diet is as important as water. The type of food your dog eats also affects his water intake. Dogs that only eat dry food will need a little more water than those who eat wet food. Also, try to avoid ingredients that can artificially increase your dog’s thirst, such as more sodium foods.

Age: Puppies need about a half cup every two hours, and you should watch them closely. Senior dogs, on the other hand, tend to hydrate naturally.

Exercise: Carry water every time you go hiking or take your dog out. Portable drinkers are very useful and practical.

The seasons: As is evident in the hotter months, your pet will need to drink more water. A good idea so that it never lacks water is to get a large-capacity drinker.

Medications: Check with your vet to see if your dog needs to decrease or increase his water intake while taking medication.

And again, pay close attention to your dog’s habits. If he suddenly stops drinking or starts drinking excessively, don’t hesitate to go to your vet!