My dog loves to eat stones. How can I stop my dog from eating stones?

reason why my dog eats stones
reason why my dog eats stones

Sometimes, we are left baffled by the actions of our loyal companions. This is especially true for dogs who eat inedible items like stones. Eating disorders can also affect animals just as they are. Lets read this why do dogs eat rocks below.

What are the causes of this behavior? And what risks do they pose to our pets? And, most importantly, what can we do as owners to stop it from happening again? Let’s look at this article.

What is the reason my dog eats stones?

When a puppy is young, eating non-consumable objects is a natural instinct. Puppy can explore the world by putting small pieces of wood, stones and clothes in his mouth.

As you get older, this natural tendency is supposed to diminish. It can persist in adulthood or even reappear under certain circumstances.

The problem of eating objects such as stones becomes more serious. This behavior is not normal for a healthy dog, and it could indicate that your doggie is sick or has an imbalance.

Pica is a behavior that involves the intake of foods that are not of nutritional value. Pica is not limited to eating pebbles. Dogs with pica can also ingest plastic, wood and fabrics. Dogs may be able to inhale minerals and stones for very specific reasons.

A physiological health problem

Dogs that eat pebbles may have a health problem.

In this case, a thorough veterinary exam is recommended to ensure that the animal has not suffered from nutritional deficiencies. A lack of nutrients or minerals in the dog’s diet could cause him to want to eat stone.

This applies whether the dog is hungry, has a poor diet, is not receiving the right amount of food, or is just plain hungry.

Additionally, dogs can swallow stones due to certain diseases, such as diabetes and hormonal problems (such a thyroid pathologies), to help fill in any imbalances or to compensate for them.

Dogs with significant internal parasitism can feel sick and adopt bizarre behaviors to rid themselves of their worms. For example, they might try to swallow everything and vomit.

The fact that you eat pebbles may be a sign of neurological concerns.

Psychological concerns

Dogs that eat stones can have psychological issues as well as potential health problems.

It is possible that he may develop behavioral disorders in order to relieve his fears. This can be caused by certain stressors, such as destruction, self-mutilation and even pica.

Reasons why do dogs eat rocks?

These anxiety attacks can have many causes, including:

  • Boredom is one of the most common causes of behavior problems in dogs.
  • Separation anxiety is another.
  • A lack of affection
  • A request for attention: “My master takes care of you if I do anything stupid.”
  • An owner may instill a behavior in the dog without the dog wanting it. For example, if the master used to tend to remove everything from his mouth at an early age (which is a natural behavior), then the dog might have developed a fear of losing his belongings. This could lead to the dog swallowing them to keep them safe. This can become a problem over time.

What are the consequences?

Warn signs

It is crucial to recognize the signs that you should be alerted. First, your dog is eating stones. It can be quite subtle and you might not notice it immediately.

You may also be alert for things like stones or blood in your stool, nausea with or without vomiting, constipation, gastritis or general weakness.

If in doubt, observe your dog closely and pay attention to what he’s doing. You should also take your dog to the vet immediately if he is eating a pebble. This behavior can have serious consequences.

Pica can cause health problems

Dogs can suffer from serious consequences if they eat stones or other inedible objects.

Eating stones can cause problems in the mouth, including bleeding gums, broken teeth and sores. The dog could also experience problems with their digestion, weight loss, or infection.

It can also cause suffocation and intestinal obstruction depending on what stone it consumes.

Sharp objects can cause perforations to the intestinal wall and even infection if they are swallowed.

It may also be necessary to perform urgent operations depending on the stone’s size.

What happens if my dog eats rocks?

If your dog is inclined to eat rocks, it may be possible to fix the problem by finding the source first. Visit to the vet will help eliminate any doubts and pinpoint the problem.

How to solve a health problem

The veterinarian will be able to prescribe a treatment for your pet if the behavior disorder is caused by a medical condition such as diabetes or hormonal problems. You may need to change the dog’s diet or increase his food intake if it is not balanced.

A veterinarian can inspect the dog’s vaccinations and renew dewormers if there is a strong parasite.

Stones in dogs are a sign of an eating disorder

The doctor will ensure that the medical treatment chosen allows for relief of both the symptoms and the effects of pica.

A psychological disorder can be reduced

If the cause of the problem is psychological, you can prevent your dog from eating stones. You will need to make more investments in your dog’s well-being.

Activities and games together

Spending time with your dog is essential to ensure a happy and healthy dog. You can make the most of your time together by offering them activities that are appropriate for their age and race, such as agility, Frisbee, Frisbee, tracking, and other fun games. There is always something for everyone. Don’t skimp on outings to let him vent, especially if he is later left alone.

Avoid boredom by learning loneliness

Adopting a dog is all about learning to be alone. If it isn’t done correctly, there are many behavioral problems. They can be destructive, or they can show up in other ways. It is important that you prepare items for him to care for during periods of absence.

You can provide stimulation for your dog’s brain by playing a variety of games while you are gone. It is important to remember that 1 hour of mental activity equals 3 hours of physical activity. It is essential for them.

The Pipolino is one of the most fascinating occupation games that our dogs can play. The new generation of kibble dispensers allows dogs to spend their time searching for their food. He must roll the Pipolino in order to release his food. He must locate the best way to get his food.

There are many toys that have the same principle. It is easy to find multiple toys, so it is worth having several. This will keep you entertained and avoid boredom! Our online store offers a variety of models, including:

A search mat is a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy. This is a search mat that has compartments where treats and croquettes can be hidden. He will need to practice sniffing, tasting, and looking for his rewards.

These games of occupancy allow him to spend his time looking for a reward or a treat and make him think. It is a great way to keep him occupied so that he doesn’t think about going out to eat. You’re right!

There are techniques to soothe it

Masticatory activities

You need to learn techniques to calm your dog if he is anxious or stressed. This can be solved by natural behavior, such as masticatory activity.

He has a vital need to chew on dogs. It gives him a long-lasting, healthy activity. Chewing in dogs also releases neurotransmitters such as endorphins, which gives him a sense of calm and well-being. This is great for anxious dogs.

You can give it foods that will not allow it to chew, such as raw fleshy bones or beef hooves.

These treats are all natural and free of additives. They’re also healthy for your dog. They love them and will spend hours chewing on them. They’re great for relaxing them and also good for their oral hygiene, as they prevent tartar from forming.

You can also give your dog other games that offer rewards and keep him busy. Kong toys are a great example of this. Dogs love to chew on them and extract treats from them.

Natural treatments and essential oils

Essential oils may also help dogs relax. For example, noble chamomile or true lavender can help dogs relax. It is possible to spray your companion with it.

You can spray it on your companion’s collar or sleeping area to diffuse the scent. A drop can be applied to your wrists, and you can then stroke your dog. He will relax when you combine massage with essential oils.

It can also be given homeopathic formulations such as Gelsemium.

Medical treatments

Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe you medication if your dog is not responding to your attempts to calm him down.

A great education to reduce the risk of pica

No punishment for the pica in educational matters! This practice is actually completely ineffective and counterproductive.

You can use positive education to help your dog avoid being too fascinated by stones.

You can distract his attention by playing games or engaging him in other activities. This will show him that there are more enjoyable occupations than just swallowing small stones.

If he is suffering from anxiety or stress, such as separation anxiety, boredom, or stress when left alone, you can teach him how to be lonely in a private room while you do your business. You can also plan multiple hobbies.

Conclusion: If your dog eats rocks,

Pica and pebble eating can pose a danger to your dog. It is important to correct any such behavior immediately.

Talk to your vet and ensure that you respect his physiological needs. Give him a healthy diet, give him chewing, physical, and mental activities. Allow him to meet with other animals.

Limit contact with stones if you can. For example, keep it away from gravel courtyard exits. This will prevent it from swallowing. Keep an eye on him and ensure that he does not distract his attention from stones. Make regular appointments with your veterinarian to check on the health of the pet.

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