Why do dogs sleep with their eyes open?

dogs sleep with their eyes open

Dogs need many hours of sleep to process what they have experienced throughout the day. Sometimes they even doze or sleep with their eyes open. 

According to statistics made in the United States, dogs are the preferred pet. 

However, there are many things we don’t know about our furry friends, for example, how long does a dog sleep? Or what do the positions of dogs mean when sleeping? In addition, from these questions, the following question may also arise: Why does my dog sleep with his eyes open? Well, below, we try to resolve this doubt, following the professional opinion of the Animal Expert.

Why my dog sleeps with its eyes open?

Has it ever happened to you that you found your dog sleeping with his eyes open? 

The Animal Expert says, there would be no reason to worry. 

It is normal behavior, and it is inherited from his ancestors. 

Although it is true that our dogs are “domestic” and live with us at home without warning of danger, 

sometimes they sleep with their eyes open because they continue to live “alert” as a behavior inherited from those dogs that lived outside human norms. 

Animal Expert explains that “They have developed a way to be able to recover energy through resting or sleeping with their eyes closed or partially open, while still being aware of their surroundings.” It is instinctive and natural behavior so there is no reason to be concerned. They also blink slowly to ensure that their eyes don’t dry out when they open them.

However, there may be cases where we should be concerned. To identify it, we have to look at the pupils of our furry. If they are relaxed, your dog is probably fine and dreaming. In case they are fixed and dilated, in this situation, it could be that your dog could be having seizures, in which case you should quickly go to a veterinarian. 

Why does my god roll its eyes when sleeping?

Your dog may roll his eyes while sleeping. It is not something to worry about. This could indicate that your dog is falling asleep, or that he is soundly sleeping. Animal Expert explains that this happens when the puppy’s posture pulls on the skin of its head and opens its eyes while asleep, which causes the white to suddenly appear in the eye.

How to get my dog to sleep well?

In case your dog has trouble falling asleep, there are few tips you can follow to get him to rest. Here are the most basic :

  • It would help if your dog did a physical exercise: long walks will help your dog to discharge its energy. 
  • It would help if your dog did a mental exercise: learn tricks, games based on sniffing, following trails, finding hidden cookies…
  • Avoid stress: the dog needs to have a routine, that is, a series of regular schedules, just like people.
  • Buy a comfortable bed: Like people, they need a comfortable place to rest. There are many “anti-stress” beds or beds that reduce your pet’s anxiety.
comfortable bed for dogs

Comfortable bed for dogs