beautiful Ragdoll kitten for sale

  • August 13, 2022 1:42 am
  • Los Angeles California, USA
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  • Category : Bengal
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 10
  • Neutered : Yes


beautiful Ragdoll kitten for sale

Our Indie Superstars and Achilles have produced another fabulous baby that is ready to go to its new home as an indoor cat.
The only little boy left and wow!
This is by far the most chatty guy we’ve ever had. He happily gurgles and squeaks at everything and anything. He is full of energy and enthusiasm when he is chasing balls or playing with mom and dad. Like all Bengals, he loves to climb and jump, the higher and further the better.

This little fella is of excellent bloodlines and has the most beautiful markings that appear under his protective baby fur known as the “uglies.” They have the fabulous rosettes and dark mascara that only comes from the brown Bengal spots. The bold markings on his shoulders are particularly striking and stand out well against their light background. Its belly is wonderfully white with jet black spots. Like his father, he has a very long body and his tail is both trunk and straight. Both mom and dad live in our family home and can be seen on the viewing.

Mom has an amazing amount of copper sheen and the silkiest coat she has ever felt. In sunlight, her coat has an almost metallic copper sheen. She is very graceful in her movements and can negotiate a table full of items without knocking anything over.they have exceptional balance and agility.

Dad comes from a long line of champions and he has been with us since he was just 7 weeks old. Unlike most of the Toms, he lives in our family house with our queens and because of that he has the most beautiful nature. We were very excited when we got Achilles and the combination is as remarkable as we could wish for. Dad is often the head babysitter and plays and snuggles with his babies.

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