Young Male Sun Conure

  • July 31, 2022 8:13 pm
  • Texas, USA
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Young Male Sun Conure
Young Male Sun Conure
Young Male Sun Conure
Young Male Sun Conure


  • Category : Conures
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 1 year 4 months
  • Neutered : No


Located in Perryton TX. We absolutely love this bird, he’s a character! Due to health reasons and his need for constant attention we have to rehome him. He is a very loud/vocal breed. He has never been sexed but due to his colors as a baby we’re pretty sure it’s a male. These birds are not really supposed to be able to talk but we have spent a lot of time with him and he does say quite a few things and he loves to give kisses and tell you to give him a kiss. He loves music and likes to dance but he also likes to cuddle under the blanket and take naps with us. We did some research and with a mate he would require little to no attention but that is not something we’re able to do financially or care for with us out of town so much. He is not good with kids although he could get use to them, he’s only been around them twice. He was hatched 3/13/2021 so he is still very young, (they live to be 20+ years old). If he doesn’t get the attention he wants he will vocalize it, this is a very loud breed of bird. We did not clip his wings, we allowed him to fly around the house to each of us freely and rarely have any droppings. He absolutely loves to crack open and eat unsalted peanuts, he gets mad if you crack them open for him! 🤣 he was not an inexpensive bird and although he is in perfect health, vet bills would not inexpensive so you would need to be financially stable enough to properly care for him. He requires a new cage toy or two every 30 to 60 days, it’s an entertainment thing and we get a set of them pretty cheap on Amazon. His cage is covered by a blanket every night around 9-10pm and uncovered around sun up following fresh water and food every day. If you believe you have the time, patience and financial ability to be his forever home please contact me